Rotary New River Raft Race!

Rotary New River Raft Race!

Come support the crew of the FAU School of Architecture THIS Saturday, March 23rd!



If you are interested in attending this workshop, please fill out the following form with details of event.  Email the form to no later then Thursday September 27, 2012 so we can reserve your seat!  Payment will be made in cash form.


Hey Everyone, it’s about time we meet and talk about what needs to be done. Want to get involved? Want to show off your leadership skills? Join us this Saturday at Noon on the 5th floor HEC tower.

BIM Modeling Seminar

Hey guys workshops are happening around us all the time. Keep yourself in the loop. Archicad is holding BIM workshops and seminars in South Florida. Here is their events website. Hope you guys can make it!

Thank You All!!!!

Thank you all who attended the all school meeting. Hope you are excited about this semester and the opportunities we bring. Make sure to check out all our tabs and leave us a comment. Your feedback is important to us! Don’t forget to add our Nuts and Bolts Mixer to your calendar! Visit our page often for updates on recent events and new events. Thanks again!

AIAS Nuts & Bolts Mixer

We are excited for the start of the new school year and have lots in store! If you’d like some details on what the AIAS has planned for 2012-2013 School year come to our Nuts & Bolts Mixer. It is scheduled for September the 4th in the 2nd Ave Studio Gallery (date and location subject to change). Stay posted for more updates.